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Medical Aesthetics at Harrods with new medical team
Since 2003 we have been successfully offering our services at the world-famous Harrods Medispa, on the 5th floor of the Knightsbridge flagship store. Our medical director Marc Armangué, MD, now leading a brand new team of experienced and dedicated doctors, is also available for consultations and treatments.

November 2015. Source: Medical Aesthetics Ltd


New non-surgical nose reshaping procedure
Achieve a perfect profile with no downtime...
Medical Aesthetics’ physician Marc Armangué, MD, has perfected a technique for reshaping the nose using injectable fillers (Restylane®, Teosyal®, Juvederm®, etc.).

The nose is the first facial feature other people notice, mainly because it is in the middle of the face and always exposed. People turn to rhinoplasty not only to change their nose but the appearance of their entire face, and rhinoplasty targets a wide array of concerns.

The new technique used by Medical Aesthetics makes subtle changes to the most common flaws, like a hump on the bridge, a droopy tip, a short nose bridge or a “saddle dorsum” (concave nose bridge). “It is a realistic alternative which allows patients to see improvements at a fraction of the cost of surgery and without the downtime and bruising”, says Dr Armangué. He goes on to explain “a hump can be minimised by adding long lasting filler to the front nasal angle. Botox® can also be used to lift the tip of the nose which may have drooped because of the aging process. Results can last for months or years, delaying or in some cases eliminating the need for surgery.”

August 2007. Source: Medical Aesthetics Ltd

Nose reshaping

New clinic for Medical Aesthetics Ltd.
Harrods' Urban Retreat has recently opened a brand new Medispa called UR Beautiful in Kingston, Surrey. This totally new concept has been created in partnership with Boots. Medical Aesthetics Ltd. has been for the last 5 years the exclusive provider of non-surgical aesthetic treatments for the Urban Retreat at Harrods, with great success. We are proud to have been chosen again to provide our exclusive services for the UR Beautiful Medispa in Kingston. Also, our advanced skincare range Exposure(r) is available at the luxurious retail area, making it an ideal location for new and existing customers that may prefer to not travel the centre of London for a truly exclusive treatment!

For more information, visit and

June 2005. Source: Medical Aesthetics Ltd & Harrods Urban Retreat


Exposure® range launch at Harrods
Medical Aesthetics Ltd., in partnership with Harrods, is proud to introduce its new approach to skincare.
The Harrods Urban Retreat is on the fifth floor of the world famous Knighstbridge store, offering top-class medispa, hair and beauty services, and also an exclusive retail area with only the most luxurious brands available. Our innovative approach to skincare is now available in one of the world's most prestigious and fashionable shopping venues, making the Exposure® range conveniently accessible to all Harrods customers

April 2006. Source: Medical Aesthetics Ltd & Harrods Urban Retreat


Exposure® range available online
The new glamorous online shop, sister of the magazine of the same name, is considered the ultimate shopping experience for exclusive beauty products, only second to a real retail trip to the Harrods Fifth Floor! Exposure® is now available to purchase online at

March 2005. Source: Medical Aesthetics Ltd & Beautique


The Which? Magazine Investigation on Medical Cosmetic Treatments
On January 2004, Which? Magazine published a very interesting report. Undercover researchers visited 16 UK clinics for advice on treatments such as botox injections, laser treatments and chemical peels.

Four researchers sought advice at 16 clinics in London on botox treatment to eradicate lines, injections for lips, chemical peels and laser treatment for facial lines.

The consultations were recorded and assessed by a consultant plastic surgeon and two nurse specialists.

Half were classed as poor - and only five were thought to be "good".

Only consultations given by a Medical Aesthetics Physician at the Hurlingham Clinic and Spa in London and other four clinics were considered to have taken good medical histories and provided thorough details about risks and side effects.

This independent undercover investigation proved that our standards of practice are considered amongst the best in the country. We strive every day to offer the latest advances in Cosmetic Medicine, but always putting first our patients' best interests.

January 2004. Source: Medical Aesthetics Ltd & Which? Magazine


Facing up the future with Medical Aesthetics
Emma Samms, 43, played Fallon Carrington in the 80s supersoaps Dynasty and The Colbys. She is also a successful photographer and screen writer, and divides her time between here and the US .

She reports: "I'm not obsessed with my appearance, but it is important for my work that I look the best I can. By my early forties a couple of wrinkles were starting to appear, so I decided to do something about them. But it was important to choose a treatment that looked natural and left no tightness or scars, however tiny. A few days after a single session of a Medical Aesthetics' non-surgical treatment by Marc Armangué, MD, I was looking in the mirror thinking, "I don't know why I bothered to have that treatment, I haven't got any wrinkles". That's when I realised it had worked. The change is amazing, but very subtle. The skin in the treated areas is softer and more youthful, and everyone has noted the difference - though no one has guessed that I've had treatment. One American friend, who does know my secret, is coming over here for treatment!".

July 2003. Source: Medical Aesthetics Ltd


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